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  • Handling Parental Anxiety for Back-to-School (In Person!)

    Many Parents are anxious to send their children to school in person this school year, and rightfully so, especially when your children are under age 12. Parental anxiety is at its high. Learn some ways of handling this anxiety though this video and to find some reassurance in these difficult times of what seems like a never ending Pandemic.

    What can parents can do to protect their children against the harmful effects of social media?

    Social media is a great tool in this day and age for education, awareness, showing your creativity, learning, etc but if used unwisely by our children can have detrimental effects on their psychological health. In this video, Dr. Riyaz will share with you strategies we parents can implement to keep our children safe from its ill effects.


    No one likes to feel disappointed. Sometimes we try so hard to suppress this feeling that we can go to any length to stop it. Either shopping when we need nothing, drinking, unhealthy relationships, etc. We work so hard to stop such feelings. Only if we could just stay mindful during these times of disappointments and ask ourselves questions like, why did we feel that way? What is it we wanted so badly?. Then we might learn a lot about ourselves and start a journey of self-awareness and growth.

    A message to Young Adults for breaking the stereotype in this Pandemic

    “Young adults faced the most challenging times in this Pandemic. But they also showed enormous resilience and courage. Through their creativity, patience, and ability to seek help, they broke the stereotype of being called “self-absorbed and lost in their own world”. This is a message for them to be mindful and feel proud of their resilience!”

    ~ Dr. Najmun Riyaz, MD

    Mental Health Awareness – DirectShifts Stories

    "Everyone has the potential to transform their lives simply by finding their inner power and believing in themselves"- Dr. Najmun Riyaz

    In this episode of DirectShifts Stories, Dr. Najmun Riyaz – Practicing Psychiatrist & Coach, will help us understand how we can take back control of our mental health and tame stress in our daily lives. She currently serves as an Adult Attending Psychiatrist at Jefferson Hospital in New Jersey and also provides individual and group coaching to professionals from the healthcare and tech workforce. She has helped individuals deal with a range of issues such as work-life balance, relationships, alcohol abuse, workaholism, work, and financial pressures, lack of productivity at work, and more.

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