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    Psychiatric services via Telemedicine.
    Dr. Najmun Riyaz, offers Psychiatric services through Zehen Global Virtually via telemedicine. This includes:
    • Psychiatric evaluations to establish a proper diagnosis and whether medications can be beneficial.
    • Second opinions. If you are already seeing a psychiatrist but are looking for a second opinion about your current diagnosis or change of medications.
    • Comprehensive consultation for 90 minutes or longer.
    •  Medication management along with psychotherapy.
    •  Psychotherapy. Dr. Riyaz uses a psychodynamic approach, along with some Trauma focussed therapy, mindfulness-based, and she incorporated some meditation techniques to help you heal from past wounds. Dr. Riyaz is certified in Trauma-focused therapy via PESI.
    • For Life coaching kindly use her coaching website at Coaching is not Psychiatry. it is not covered by Insurance.

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