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  • Dr. Najmun Riyaz is an ICF-certified Empowerment Coach. 

    If you are a working woman, a mom, who is struggling to navigate the unique challenges of life and are looking for life coaching from Dr. Najmun Riyaz, please visit her coaching website to book a session with her.

    Kindly be aware Life coaching is not a Psychiatry service or Therapy. It is a non-medical service and is not covered by any Insurance. it is a self-paid service, and in no shape or form does it involve diagnosing psychiatric conditions, providing therapy or counseling, or prescribing medications.

    Dr. Riyaz coaches women from all backgrounds, globally, as coaching is not a regulated industry. Life coaching is more like mentoring.

    She uses mindfulness, emotional intelligence, positive reinforcement, and spirituality in her coaching skills to help women break the cycles of shame, and intergenerational trauma, learn work-life balance, assertiveness, effective ways to communicate, set healthy boundaries, and thus help them become who they were meant to be, not who they were told to be.

    To book a coaching session or a coaching package with her, please go to her coaching website by clicking on the link below.

    Disclaimer: “Coaching and psychiatry are different. If I coach you, I can not be your psychiatrist. In case you need a psychiatrist, you will either have to find one on your own, or we can refer you to one. If you get psychiatric services from me, then I can’t be your coach. However, I do incorporate life coaching skills during my psychiatric practice as well for both Medication visits as well as during psychotherapy, if I am seeing you for that.

    Also, I can coach individuals from any part of the globe or Country, but I can only provide psychiatric services to residents in the State of New Jersey since I am only licensed to practice Psychiatry in New Jersey.

    Coaching is not covered by any health insurance. 

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