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  • About Dr. Najmun Riyaz, MD

    Dr. Najmun Riyaz, MD is a Board Certified Psychiatrist and an ICF-certified Empowerment coach, who has been practicing Psychiatry for the last 23 years. She has worked in Hospital settings all her professional career as an Adult psychiatrist. For the last year, after seeing the growing mental health concerns across the globe due to the Pandemic, she left her hospital job and has since dedicated her professional life to raising awareness of the importance of our emotional and mental wellbeing. She now sees clients for medication management and psychotherapy privately through her virtual practice, and also coaches women in the workforce globally.

    She loves to write blogs and also runs a podcast in Kashmiri, to raise mental health awareness in the conflict-ridden area of Kashmir, India, where she was born and raised and where resources are minimal and the stigma on mental health is huge.

    She creates content through posts, audiovisuals, e-books, and YouTube channels, to educate and empower people and teaches them in simple ways about Stress, Emotional intelligence, and various other Mental health conditions.

    Having witnessed trauma firsthand through the political unrest and war in her home country and being a PESI-certified trauma practitioner, she is a strong believer of “Post Traumatic growth”.


    My Experience

    Dr. Riyaz received her MBBS from the Government Medical College of Kashmir, India, and completed her residency at Saint Elizabeth’s medical center, affiliated with the Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, MA, and the University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life sciences in Toledo, Ohio. She has worked in Hospital settings both as an inpatient and an outpatient Psychiatrist. She also served as a Medical Director in a geriatric facility in New Jersey.

    My Mission

    "Pandemic gave me recognition, that no one is immune to the ill effects of Stress and we all humans need to be prepared to face life’s adversity and need coping skills to not just survive but thrive in life. After watching the plight of my colleagues, healthcare workers, and people in general, I decided to quit my hospital job and started coaching people in the workforce, especially women. For the residents of New Jersey where I am licensed to practice psychiatry, I  created my own small virtual Tele-psychiatry practice, Zehen Global,  the word " Zehen", means "mind" in "Persian", and it also happens to be the name of the social media campaign that I run for my motherland, Kashmir, India. My primary focus is on working with women, with families, who are struggling with emotional/mental health-related challenges"

    As a tribute to her Mother land of Kashmir, India, she runs a podcast in Kashmiri, to raise mental health awareness and break Stigma on Such.

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